21 jan KL. 10.00-12.30

Välkommen till en workshop med Nazareno Grisolia,

Arm Balance & Transitions

Pris: 395 kr

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Beskrivning om workshopen och om Nazareno hittar du nedan.

En workshop där vi verkligen har kul när vi lär oss, utforskar och tränar på armbalansertillsammans!

Det spelar ingen roll om du inte har gjort armbalanser förr eller om du är van, det kommer att finnas något nytt att utforska, träna och leka med.

Vi börjar med att värma upp handleder, core, axlar och en kort flow.

Sedan börjar vi med rolig träning för armbalanser och övergångar!
Vi tittar på armbalansers olika delar och tekniker, hur man kan använda props och väver in alla delar till övergångar.

A fiery playful workshop where it's all about having fun, getting challenged and getting out of your head!

The workshop starts with a proper warm up of wrists, core and shoulders, followed by a short flow, then diving into arm-balances that use Chaturanga Dandasana as a foundation.

We’ll break down the arm balances, go over technique, how to use props as well as weaving the poses into transitions. No matter how much experience you have of arm balances before there will be something new to play with and explore!

Postures we’ll cover: Crow Pose, Side Crow, Flying Pigeon, Handstand, Firefly, Half Firefly /Half Crow, Koundinyasana A+B and Eight-Angle pose and Pinchamayurasana (scorpion)

Transitions we’ll cover: jump from Crow Pose to Chaturanga, Down Dog jump to Crow, Koundinyasana to Chaturanga, Eight-Angle to Koundinyasana/Chaturanga and Firefly to Bakasana.

Come with an open mind and playful heart!

As always it's not about reaching the pose itself, it's about the journey there!

Workshop med Nazareno Grisolia,  Arm Balance & Transitions hos Hot Yoga Helsingborg

Bio Nazareno

Born and raised in Uruguay I’m an enthusiastic lover of movement, play and nature.

Since I was 19 I’ve been exploring the world, living and learning in more places that I can remember. My life has been, and still is today - a big adventure. As I traveled Asia in 2004 I discovered the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa, a physically demanding yoga style that requires strong discipline, dedication and body awareness. I got completely hooked. A couple of years later I got introduced to Vinyasa and not long thereafter I took my first teacher training in India. Since 2011 I’ve been dedicating my life to yoga, both as a teacher and student.

In my classes you can expect a fun and playlful environment where you’ll be guided through powerful sequences, spicy core work and very likely an arm balance or two! I’ll challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone in a light-hearted way! For me the most important thing though, is that you really listen to your body.

Apart from yoga I’m a passionate surfer and I take every chance I get to grab my board and jump into the ocean. Whether in the tropics, Portugal or in the freezing water in Sweden.

Workshop 2022 med Nazareno Grisolia,  Arm Balance & Transitions hos Hot Yoga Helsingborg

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