Mobil 5

Heart and shoulder opening workshop part 1

Life in general tends to happen in front of us (texting, driving, cooking etc).
A great way of balancing out the forward driven motion of life is to open up the chest, shoulders and heart.

This workshop will focus on creating space in the areas of the body where we tend to hold tension and emotions as well as strengthening these areas.
Opening up these areas can help with posture and can help to relieve pain in the shoulders, neck and back.

Part 1 – Heart and shoulder opening, Sunday 29/9 kl. 9-11.15

Part 2 – Heart opening and back bending, Sunday 20/10 kl. 9-11.15


  • 150:- for active members. Others 350:-
  • Sign up for both 250:-/625:-
  • When you sign up for both you pay for both at Part 1
  • The workshop is suitable for everyone and is part 1 in a series of 2.
  • You can choose to attend one or both of the workshops that build on each other but will also work on their own.
  • The second part will focus more on heart opening and back bending.
  • Make sure you have a spot, go to our bookingssystem
  • and book your spot!
Obs! Limited number of spots!

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