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Yogalärarutbildning Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training
200 timmar RYT
Intensive Training 2019

Den här yogalärarutbildningen i Vinaysa Yoga är både för dig som vill ha en gedigen yogalärarutbildning och träning i Vinaysa Yoga för att leda klasser och för dig som som vill fördjupa din kunskap i yoga.
Lärarna Camilla och Todd Grube är båda mycket erfarna och kunniga yogalärare och har undevisat både i Sverige och USA. 
Utbildningen är internationell och hålls huvudsakligen på engelska men både Camilla och Todd kan svenska om någon översättning skulle behövas.
Utbildningen uppfyller alla kriterier enligt Yoga Alliance och efter avslutad utbildning blir du certifierad enligt 200 RYT.

Utbildningens utformning
200 tim
Vecka 1,   8 juli - 12 juli 2019 kl. 9.00 - 17.00
Vecka 2, 15 juli - 19 juli 2019 kl. 9.00 - 17.00
Vecka 3, 22 juli - 26 juli 2019  kl 9.00 - 17.00
Vecka 4, 29 juli - 2 augusti  2019 kl. 9.00 - 17.00

Ingen erfarenhet krävs
Pris: 29500:- inkl. moms.
Anmälningsavsgift: 5000 :- betalas i samband med anmälan. Anmälningsavgiften är ej återbetlaningsbar om ej läkarintyg vid sjukdom uppvisas.
Du kan dela upp resterande belopp med 3 inbetalningar.

Utbildningens innehåll
Asana Technique / Postures:
Sun Salutations, standing postures, back bends, forward bends, hip openers, inversions, twists, core practice,
physical and energetic dynamics of yoga postures,
proper alignment, hands on yoga assists, learn yoga massage, vinyasa krama (linking of postures) in a smart way, 
anatomy and physiology, teaching a yoga class.
Yoga Energetics:
Study of pranayama and meditation, subtle anatomy and
learn healing.
Wisdom texts of ancient India:
The study of the Bhagavad Gita
Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika.
Wisdom texts of ancient India: The study of the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras and Hatha Yoga Pradipika 
Sacred Sounds:
The study of mantras, kirtan and bhajans.
Yogic Lifestyle: Learn the ancient healing of Ayurveda, the yogic diet, how to live in balance with nature with its elements, learn the three gunas, introduction to yin and yang theory
Finding your way:
Talks on karma, dharma and reincarnation.
The effects of yoga and how they transform you and the world.
Learning the different yoga personalities for example, Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna etc, what they mean and how to understand them.

Week 1
...and so our journey begins!
We will start by building a foundation to our practice by looking at the breath and talk about why this is such an important aspect of our practice.
We will then continue with Subtle Anatomy for the energy body.
Week 2     
Asanas – Movement
With some basic knowledge we now go deeper to look at the different postures – asanas – in yoga, and we talk about how to find variations that suits everyone, beginner and advanced practitioners. We will also start to look at how to put a class together.
An introduction to Thai Massage is also included! 
We will also look at some of the more popular yoga scriptures.
Week 3
This is the week when we start to look at our own body and our anatomy and physiology, and how our yoga training with all the different postures will affect our physical body.
The second half of the week we will look at adjustments in different postures and how we can safely guide our students into a deeper practice.
Week 4
We are now ready to go a bit deeper and start looking at how different breathing techniques can help us as whole; Pranayama and Meditation. We will start to experiment with different mantras. 
Ayurveda is the ancient medicine of India and we will set aside a few hours to learn to understand the basics of this ancient and still today practiced medicine and how it is connected to yoga. We will also look at the so called Yoga Diet and learn how different foods affects us!

Comments from earlier trainings
"Great teachers. Todd and Camilla are really deepening the knowledge in the entire yoga philosophy. I (who already had many years of experience as yoga-instructor) would recommend this training to anybody who wants to get an extensive yoga experience and have fun at the same time. They are both humble and experienced."
"Camilla and Todd are wonderful teachers. Their teacher training course was fantastic. I highly recommend their YTT course and their classes for regular practice. Amazing!"